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Judge Italian Greyhounds UK is owned by The Italian Greyhound Club and is operated by the Breed Education Coordinator. This is the right place for anyone who is an Italian Greyhound judge, or wants to train as one.

Breed Education Coordinator for The Italian Greyhound Club

The Kennel Club announced a change in judges education that will eventually lead to all judges being registered with the Kennel Club rather than on Breed Club judging lists.

It is the role of the Breed Education Coordinator to work as the liaison between the Kennel Club, breed clubs and upcoming judges to help ensure that all prospective judges have undertaken the various requirements and record their details accordingly so that judges may progress to the next required level on the Judges Education Program.

Judge Italian Greyhounds UK is operated by the Breed Education Coordinator for Italian Greyhounds, Kelly Wallace Horne, who can be contacted by clicking here.

We are now running a judges list under the new Judges Education Program – please ensure the details we hold for you are up to date by clicking here.

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