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Please only use this form if you are already on the Italian Greyhound Club Judging List.

We select all our judges for our open shows from our club lists, we are now actively supporting classes at a number of open shows and again will be selecting judges from our club lists. Please ensure your details are up to date on our judging list, including JEP training routes.

Please note:

  • From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet JEP level 1 requirements (existing CC judges excluded). The exception to this is where a valid contract was in place before the 24 February 2020 press announcement and the appointment complies with Kennel Club Regulation F(1)20.b.
  • ‘Grandfather Rights’ for established judges apply to A2 and A1 list judges only. Persons already on the ‘A1’ & ‘A2’ Lists are not required to fill in any further application forms. Please find more information on the Kennel Club website.
  • All persons on ‘A3’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Lists are required to update their judging experience annually, even if your status is the same, submitting all judging experience with accurate dates. This will be collated with any previous information, thereby giving an updated picture. This list ends on 31st December each year.
  • The Kennel Club advise that there is no direct correlation between the traditional judging list route and the new JEP route, therefore established judges must satisfy the JEP requirements at each level in order to be included in the JEP judges list.
  • The transition period from the traditional JCF route to the new JEP route is from 1st January 2021 until 1st January 2025. The existing JCF judging lists will become obsolete from 1st January 2025.

View our current judging criteria for Italian Greyhounds.

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